There are many reasons Tennessee citizens enjoy hunting, but two reasons are to experience nature and to take responsibility for the food you are eating. Find out how to begin your adventure!


Do you like to fish? Have you ever wanted to learn how to fish? Check out our website and learn about fishing A to Z.


Learning how to boat is safe and easy and can be a great hobby for anybody. Find boating education classes and brush up on the latest rules and regulations for boating in Tennessee.

Tennessee Wildlife

The Tennessee wildlife is amazing. You can find a huge diversity of animals within Tennessee's borders. Mammals, reptiles, amphiabians and numerous birds all make Tennessee home or visit.

Tennessee Willdife Resrouce Agency

The Mission of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is to preserve, conserve, manage, protect, and enhance the fish and wildlife of the state and their habitats for the use, benefit, and enjoyment of the citizens of Tennessee and its visitors. The Agency will foster the safe use of the state's waters through a program of law enforcement, education, and access.


We have hunting, fishing, and boating license. There are many packages and speciality licenses as well.


Learn about the Rules and Regulations affecting fishers in Tennessee.


Learn about the Rules and Regulations affecting boaters in Tennessee.


Learn about the Rules and Regulations affecting hunters in Tennessee.


Wathcing and photographing wildlife is becoming a huge hobby for many citizens. Check out all the animals you can find in Tennessee.

Law Enforcement

A major part of what we do is to enforce the rules and regulations set forth by the TFWC and the state legislature.


THe TWRA is governed by a 13 member board, learn more about the TFWC.

Upcoming Events

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A perfect chance to enjoy some downtime with some great short stories and intersting how to articles.

Tennessee Outdoor Journal

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